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We’re your boutique digital partner that know no bounds. We deliver industry leading capabilities and help businesses reach their targets.

  • Our definition of Commerce

    Commerce is a dynamic marketplace where merchants engage with consumers along the shopping journey to drive sales. Commerce is a transaction-oriented practice that is channel, device and platform agnostic.

    Commerce Maturity

    Focusing on commerce maturity across all aspects of the business journey can help Marketers meet critical business objectives. Marketers and Advertisers can use this framework to identify current Commerce maturity positioning, understand the path to achieving advanced capabilities, and discover Capabilities that will help achieve real business value.

    Nimble uses Google and other platforms to be the best place for businesses to connect with their customers, regardless of where a purchase eventually takes place. To that end, our vision is to support and partner with the global retail ecosystem and to help shoppers find what they want, where they want, and from the place they prefer.

    While competitors are focused on specific channels, we understand the omni channel customer experience and support brands across multiple platforms, online and offline. We provide a broad set of offerings such as advertising, marketplace, social, and data & analytics that help brands shape their image and strategy across the web.

    Constantly evolving technologies and the increasing demands of consumers leave marketers struggling to adapt to survive. In today’s dynamic market, marketers need to focus on optimizing across the Commerce Journey to grow and scale.

    By continuously monitoring Commerce Maturity and opportunities across the maturity stages, marketers can better:

    Prioritize Resources & Investments
    Evaluate project opportunities based on a clearly defined growth spectrum focused on efficiency and scale

    Leverage Data & Customer Insights
    Drive personalized on-demand marketing campaigns, optimizing budget allocation & increasing overall ROI

    Drive Scaled Innovation
    Increase efficiency and performance through strategic integrations and automation

    Pursuing efficiency gives marketers & advertisers a clear, sustainable competitive advantage. Advertisers invested in growing efficiency and leading the way in multi-moment marketing see 30% cost efficiency savings and a 20% increase in revenue.

    Nimble Capabilities


    – Product Planning & Strategy
    – Pricing Planning & Strategy
    – Merchant Onboarding & Feed Management
    – Merchandising, Product Display and Category Optimization
    – Inventory & Order Management
    – Logistics
    – Fulfillment & Returns Management
    – Billing & Settlement
    – Financial Accounting
    – Technology Infrastructure & Consolidation
    – Platforms Implementation & Data Capture
    – Digital Product Management

    Activate Marketing

    – Audience Targeting & Segmentation Strategy
    – Audience Valuation & Monetization Strategy
    – Media Management as a Service
    – Trade Marketing
    – Creative Management Solutions
    – Video Branding Solutions
    – Search Accessibility through Keyword Optimization
    – Data-Driven Attribution Models
    – Omni-Channel Measurement Strategy
    – Bid & Budget Automation
    – Asset Targeting Automation

    Deliver an Experience

    – Mobile & Web Performance Testing
    – Mobile & Web & App UX Strategy
    – Digital Storefront Setup
    – YouTube Shopping solutions
    – AR Technology Solutions
    – Social Influencer Marketing Strategy
    – Social Commerce Strategy
    – Loyalty Program Strategy
    – Digital Payment Strategy

    Manage and Grow

    – Organization Structure / Operating Model
    – People & Project Management
    – Talent Development
    – Dashboarding
    – Predictive & Advanced Analytics
    – Cloud for Commerce
    – CRM Integration
    – Customer Data Management
    – Customer Service Optimization
    – Optimizing Channel Mix
    – Sales Channel Platform Integration
    – Channel Innovation Strategy

  • At Nimble we’ve always been a firm believer that privacy is key and we take many steps to ensure that we handle customers data responsibly and with the utmost care, not to mention our rigorous approach to security.

    We support the move towards first-party data and no more third-party cookies. We also support an increased transparency when it comes to digital marketing and tracking. As it always should be.

    We’ve implemented new attribution modelling, completely new strategy frameworks and ways of working for what’s already here and what’s to come (we can’t look into the future, though- yet).

    Obviously we’ll always care for our clients that we help with increased growth digitally, however, we also balance this with the ever-increasing privacy-conscious customers.

    Thus, our approach to audiences, targeting and digital marketing will always be a healthy balance, instead of relying on cookies and old technology we’ve since our inception had a first-party data approach with server-side implementations and other methodologies, staying ahead of the curve both in terms of privacy care and client satisfaction.

    – Legal regulations
    — GDPR
    — CCPA
    — ePrivacy
    — PECR
    – Technical restrictions
    — ITP
    — ATT
    — AEM
    — PCM
    – Compliance
    – Consent rate optimization
    – Collect and manage user data responsibly

  • Our artificial intelligence (AI) solution is built for exponential business growth with creative intelligence, AI audiences and autonomous ad buying capabilities that optimizes ads across Facebook, Instagram, Google, Microsoft and Amazon.

    You can’t handle all the information manually if you want the best results, and it takes up too much time. Focus your time on where it really matters, and let AI take care of your digital marketing.

    – We go way beyond ad optimization with automatic real-time optimisation. While most other solutions and platforms offer trigger-based and time-based automations and optimisations every 15-30min, our solution optimise 24/7 in real-time and is autonomous.
    – AI-powered creative intelligence. Computer visioning algorithms analyze millions of data points from creatives and evaluate performance of each element separately to tailor the perfect content for the right audience.
    – Designed for incrementality. Reveal hidden metrics and direct you towards revenue-oriented decision making.
    – AI technology to discover and target your most profitable audiences. Based on custom modules that evolve over time.
    – Machine learning and AI lookalike audiences. Blend multiple high converting lookalikes into a single audience.
    – Sophisticated ad-buying tactics
    – Extended lookalike percentage range
    – Grading system that is measured by dynamic values captured from your pixel data
    – Forecast and automate budgets
    – Automate negative and positive keywords using machine learning
    – Budget pacing automation
    – Alerts and anomaly detection
    – N-gram analysis
    – Root cause change analysis
    – GRIP and SKAG (and more) account structure automation
    – Enhanced scripts
    – Automate and refresh Google Shopping campaigns at scale
    – Automated rule engine for bidding
    – Big strategies that evolve
    – Amazon ACOS data-driven optimisation and target bidding
    – Automate Amazon keywords, positive and negative
    – AI-driven and automated campaigns
    – Long-tail keywords
    – Gender, demographic, age autonomous optimisation
    – Real-time bids based on auction signals
    – Bring your data together with tCPA and tROAS
    – Automated Close Variants
    – Real-time scaling, bidding and adjustments based on hourly performance
    – Better insights and reporting (budget forecasts, quality score, dayparts, n-gram word clouds, cause charts, geo analysis)

  • Gather, stitch, and analyse data from multiple sources to take the next step in understanding your customer’s behavior.

    – Google Analytics and GA4
    – First Party Data (1st)
    – Customer Data Platform (CDP) with a CDI (Customer-first Data Infrastructure) approach and method. Agnostic CDP, adopted to fit your business. Example: Segment, mParticle, Blueshift.
    – Segment
    – Mixpanel
    – BigQuery
    – Tableau
    – PowerBI
    – Data Studio
    – Looker
    – Metabase
    – Qlikview
    – Data Warehouse Projects
    – Attribution Modelling
    – Google Cloud
    – Personalisation
    – Blended KPI’s and dashboards
    – Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
    – Scoring models for B2C and B2B
    – Automation and reporting
    – SKadNetworks
    – Server Side Tagging
    – Server Side GTM
    – Use your 1P Datawarehouse Data for Ads
    – End-to-End Measurement
    – Agile Performance Loops
    – Virtuous cycle around first-party data

  • Account-Based Marketing, Marketing Automation, CRM and advanced methods for lead generation + digital audit of your business to real impact. ABM is an approach, not a tactic.

    – Personalized campaigns that resonate
    – Insight-led marketing with targeted sales activity
    – smart selection of target accounts, use of digital technology, and clever creation or adaptation of content
    – Programmatic ABM 1:Many
    – ABM Lite 1:Few
    – Strategic ABM 1:1
    – Account Selection
    – Research and insights
    – Buyer personas
    – F.I.R.E (Fit, Intent, Relationship, Engagement)
    – Predictive Analytics
    – Marketing Automation
    – Messaging Platform
    – Content creation
    – Campaign strategy and execution
    – Content by funnel stage
    – Intent Data
    – Decision-making Unit (DMU)
    – End-to-end ABM engine
    – Lead Scoring
    – Phased rollout
    – Big Bang
    – Always-on
    – Sales follow-up SLAs
    – Buyer’s Journey
    – Deal Progression
    – Program success measurement
    – Pilot program
    – Scaling the program
    – Linkedin
    – Quora
    – Marketo
    – Hubspot
    – Episerver
    – Equola
    – Apsis
    – Salesforce marketing cloud
    – Salesforce pardot
    – ServiceNow
    – Triggerbee
    – Mailchimp
    – Klaviyo
    – Upsales
    – Intercom
    – Outfunnel
    – Active Campaign
    – Customer Journey & Journey Builder
    – Prediction
    – Scoring modeling
    – Send time optimization
    – Engagement scoring
    – Engagement frequency

  • We have leading industry experience and methodologies to bring state of the art app marketing and solve complex data + measurement challenges.

    – App advertising
    — Apple Ads
    — Facebook and Instagram Ads – app installations
    — Google Ads – universal app campaigns (UAC)
    — Twitter – app installations
    — Snap – app installations
    — Tiktok
    — Outbrain
    — Taboola
    — Other native platforms

    – ASO (App Store Optimization)
    — iOS App Store
    — Android – Google Play

    – App attribution projects
    – App measurement and analytics projects
    – Mapping of events and triggers
    – Ensuring correct data for UAC campaigns
    – Third party platforms, e.g Apps Flyer, Adjust, Firebase

  • Working with the best martech stack, constantly evaluating and iterating what works best to accelerate digital growth.

    – Platform recommendations
    – Tailor-made and adapted solutions for your needs based on industry leading experience
    – Feed manipulation and alternation
    – MarTech stack for web and app
    – AI and Machine Learning algoritms and platforms

  • Starting out or have several puzzle pieces in place, we’ll accelerate your digital maturity, working with the whole funnel and perfecting the art of growth in a digital era.

    – Go to market strategy
    – Full funnel strategy
    – 360 degree channel plan, both tactical and strategic
    – Platform choice/integration/setup and data advisory
    – Recruiting/talent help and second opinion
    – Second opinion / advisor for current agencies
    – Creating blueprint for a new service/product/area
    – Digital transformation
    – Digital maturity assessment
    – Digital audit
    – Accelerate your digital maturity
    – Pilot projects
    – Working together to identify projects that will result in quick impact and in the end lead to broad and strong impact across the business
    – KPI framework
    – Internal education, digital marketing, methodologies and platforms
    — Influencer marketing strategy
    – Complete strategy for budgeting, market approach, prognosis and predictability for KPI’s
    – Influencer amplification
    – Influencer discovery
    – Influencer data and analytics
    – Influencer collaborations
    – Global and local influencer data-driven approach
    – Full-Funnel Approach to Influencer Marketing
    – Influencer criterias, soft values evaluation
    – Influencer criterias using algorithms to proper assess suitability for go to market strategy
    – We offer executive, general and specialist education within all our areas that we work with

  • It wouldn’t be full circle without our passion and in-depth experience with managing, optimizing and building strategies for all relevant digital marketing channels. We also work with digital creatives and creative strategies for both paid and organic, here we utilize data as the fuel for the creation, strategy and recommendations for the creative material.

    – SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
    — Google Ads with the Hagakure structure and method
    — Comparison Shopping Services
    — Bing; Microsoft Advertising
    — SEMRush
    — Marin
    — WordStream
    — Acquisio
    — Kenshoo
    — ClickGuard
    — Yahoo Advertising
    – CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation)
    — Google Optimize
    — Optimizely
    — VWO Experience Optimization Platform
    – Social Advertising
    — Facebook Business with Facebook Advertising and Instagram Advertising
    — Snap Advertising
    — Tiktok Advertising
    — Twitter Advertising
    — Linkedin Advertising
    — Quora Advertising
    — Twitch Advertising
    – Online Video
    — YouTube
    — Facebook & Instagram
    — Twitter
    — Linkedin
    — Snapchat
    — Tiktok
    — Vimeo
    – Amazon
    — Amazon Advertising
    — Amazon setup
    — Optimisation
    — Expansion
    – Native Platforms
    — Outbrain
    — Taboola
    – Email Marketing
    — Mailchimp
    – Klaviyo
    – Outfunnel
    – Intercom
    – Klarna Marketplace
    — Creative
    – We work with you in the whole process of digital creatives; recommendations, strategies with a complete data-driven approach.