Apple update - Custom product pages

Apple update 2021/2022 – Custom product pages

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Apple has now implemented a new version for your product page in the App store. This allows you to create additional pages and highlight a feature or content, which then can be used in your marketing efforts with a pages unique URL. 


App store product page – iOS 15 and IpadOS 14 or later

For iOS 15 and IpadOS15 there is now additional versions of your product page to be used to showcase content within your app and to share, through unique URLs, with different audiences and can be used seasonally or with culturally relevant content. 

Product pages through App store connect

You can customize a product page in App Store Connect, starting off blank or with your default product page, and add screenshots, promotional texts or reviews based on any of your pages localisations. 

Metadata for Custom Product Pages

There is a limit of up to 35 product pages per app published on the App Store at a time and metadata you provide must be submitted for review and can be done independently of an app update. Screenshots and app review and all metadata should follow the  App Store Review Guidelines for a smoother review experience. 

Custom product pages – Marketing

When custom product pages are created, you can use these unique URLs in your marketing such as through your various social media channels and promotional communication. 

An example from Apple 

“For example, you can promote a sports team in an email campaign and link to the custom product page that highlights that team. The unique URL adds a new product page ID parameter to the default product page URL. For example

Advertising networks can also use custom product pages in StoreKit-rendered advertisements. They’ll use the custom product page ID as the customProductPageIdentifier when using SKOverlay, or as the SKStoreProductParameterCustomProductPageIdentifier when using SKStoreProductViewController. ” – Apple  

Custom product pages in 2022. 

At the beginning of 2022, you can create ad variations with Apple search ads using custom product pages and will be available directly in your Apple Search Ads account. Allowing you to reach different audiences with more relevant ads and content. 

Learn more about Apple Search Ads

These product pages will not appear in brand searches on the App Store, although they can appear in editorially curated selections on the Today, Games, and Apps tabs.

How do I measure the success of my custom product pages?

You can measure the success and performance of your product pages in App Analytics in App Store Connect and see product page impressions, downloads, redownloads, and conversion rates under the Acquisition tab.

This will help you to better understand each custom product page and its ability to encourage app downloads. 

In-App Analytics you will also be able to view retention data and average proceeds per paying user for each custom product page and compare these pages against your default product pages and make future decisions based on in-app data such as if these pages encourage users to spend more on in-app purchases.