Customer-first Data Infrastructure (CDI)

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How does your company manage data? Increased complexity and demand across several different sources and systems require a customer-first data infrastructure, using a CDI (Customer-First Data Infrastructure).

There is too much data that’s unusable because the current approach is failing.

Most companies have a rats nest of data and integrations that is unruly to maintain or add to.

They integrate every tool team by team and channel by channel. Engineers have to spend time learning APIs, and doing 1 off integrations for every single tool their teams want to leverage. Sometimes you’re buying third-party data sources that may or may not be accurate.

We are deliberate about data collection. We collect data in its rawest form and allow you to build it up (or can do it on your behalf).

It’s also all about first-party data and customer privacy and their concerns. When you have a relationship with your customers, and ask for consent, it’s okay to use their data to improve their own experience. That’s what we help companies do. We absolutely do not allow you to share data with other companies or to sell that data. By focusing on first-party data over third party data, we can provide accuracy, personalization, and, customer trust.

There are three main components of customer data infrastructure, that correspond with our way of working and what products and technology we recommend implementing.

First is the core platform, that allows you to observe your data and activate it. We decouple data collection from integration allowing you to collect what you need to know about customers once, then send that to any tool your team needs. 

Next, we synthesize data into user profiles and allow you to build custom traits and audiences on top of that data with Personas.

Finally, with Data QA features you can ensure your data is 100% correct and accurate, so people trust and use it. 

So, how does a CDI differ from a CDP?

Most CDPs are just focused on the synthesize piece – the profiles, audiences, and segmentations. That’s just one part of a CDI. Without a strong foundation of data collection – from every channel – that is correct – those audiences are not going to ever be helpful to your marketing teams.