The three types of ABM (Account-Based Marketing)

The three types of ABM (Account-Based Marketing) 1080 1920 Nimble Digital

ABM is an approach, not a tactic. It combines insight-led marketing with targeted sales activity to strengthen relationships and drive growth in new and existing accounts.

This approach focuses on designing and delivering personalized campaigns that resonate with the business needs of a specific account or group of accounts. ABM can be scaled to meet your needs and your budgets through smart selection of target accounts, use of digital technology, and clever creation or adaptation of content.

There are three types of ABM: You can choose one or a mix of all three depending on your goals.


Programmatic ABM

100–1,000 accounts

  • Data-driven account-level targeting 
  • Insights based on generic
    buyer personas
  • Message personalization at scale
  • Marketing to generate high-quality leads

Content Personalization

Focus on highly targeted digital communications

Investment per account

Extensive research and planning


ABM Lite

10-100 accounts

  • Sectors and segments with
    strong potential
  • Combine executive profiles and
    buyer personas
  • Marketing drives progress with input from sales experts

Content Personalization

Tailored messaging and targeted communications

Investment per account

Extensive research and planning


Strategic ABM

1-10 accounts

  • Potential strategic gains and big
    sales wins 
  • Targets key executives and
    specific stakeholders 
  • Highly collaborative sales and
    marketing approach

Content Personalization

Unique messaging and bespoke communications

Investment per account

IP-targeted advertising and web content

The ABM process

Goals and objectives

ABM fact and fiction