Two of our App Clients have been acquired

Two of our App Clients have been acquired 1920 1080 Nimble Digital

Nimble Digital was founded in March 2020 and since then we’ve worked with several app clients, meaning that their business and main product mainly revolves around their app on Apple and Android.

Two of these clients are Woilà and PodMe and they’ve both been acquired by different companies, which is a lot of fun and just further cements how strong our capabilities are in this area.


Woilà was founded in 2017 to improve the shopping experience post purchase. By identifying price drops, price guarantees and vouchers, Woilà helped consumers get money back if an item bought online dropped in price after the purchase had already been made. Woilà processed $50M worth of transactions during 2020 and now the technology will be leveraged by Klarna to further strengthen its value proposition to consumers.

Klarna has acquired Woila AB’s IP and the team at Woilà will be joining Klarna as employees where they will continue to build products leveraging the acquired IP with the goal to improve and reinvent the shopping experience. No users’ personal data was included in the acquisition.

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PodMe to become Schibsted’s premium podcast hub As Schibsted increases its stake to 91 percent in the Swedish premium podcast company PodMe, the brand will become part of our core business and central to our recently announced investment in subscription-based podcasts.

“This gives us the opportunity to complete the vision of having the best service for premium podcasts on the market,” says CEO and founder of PodMe, Johan Strömberg.

In March, it was announced that Schibsted is fully committed to having its own podcast product with exclusive content for subscribers. The ambition is to gather Norway’s best podcast content in one place. This is a joint venture, which also includes quality content from Schibsted’s Norwegian media houses.

“It’s really exciting to be able to communicate more details about the investment. PodMe is a relatively young company, which we have followed closely over time, especially after we invested in the company two years ago. We are impressed with the journey and the growth that the company has had, both in terms of technology, business model and how they identified a market for premium podcasts at an early stage,” says Siv Juvik Tveitnes, Executive Vice President of Schibsted’s news media.

“As a content product, PodMe is in the process of taking a clear position in Sweden, despite high competition. In Norway, PodMe has also managed to attract several exciting productions. In combination with tens of thousands of paying subscribers, this gives us a very good starting point for further development of both the platform and the content, “ says Tveitnes.

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